This is a version of Breakout adapted from the incredible tutorial from Lazy Devs: Pico-8 Tutorial - Breakout

Trick or Meat

Send your energy to the houses in the neighborhood to earn points and collect candy. Be sure to visit everyone to advance to the next neighborhood.

House Types

These are regular houses excited to give you points when you visit.

These houses explode when you knock on their door, blowing up nearby houses!


These houses never answer their door...

These houses will give you candy! Eating a piece gives you powers!

These houses need to be knocked on more than once before they answer.

Candy Types

Slowdown Candy

Eating this candy will temporarily slow down the speed of the ball.

Extra Life Candy

Eating this candy will give you an extra life.

Sticky Paddle Candy

Eating this candy lets you catch your ball the next time it touches the paddle.

Expand Paddle Candy

Eating this candy temporarily makes your paddle wider, for easier gameplay.

Reduce Paddle Candy

Eating this candy temporarily makes your paddle smaller, but multiplies your combo by ten.

Megaball Candy

Eating this candy turns your ball into a mighty force that can pass through almost anything.

Multiball Candy

Eating this candy duplicates one of your balls.


Art and Music by lakewitch

Programming by lakewitch, adapted from Lazy Devs.

Special thank you to Krystian Majewski (@krystman) for the Breakout tutorial.

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Made withPICO-8
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