Take the role of the werewolf in this short adventure game. During the night, hunt down the villagers one by one but once day breaks you must run for your life.


Arrow keys/D-Pad: Move werewolf left and right

X: Jump

Run through the village until you reach the cave at the very end.

Hunt during the night as the werewolf

Become human at dawn and run away

Don't let the villagers catch you during the day

Be careful letting the villagers get too close together, you won't be able to hurt them

Reach the cave at the end of the village to escape

The Curse was originally developed during Weekly Game Jam 160, during the summer of 2020. It went unfinished in time for the submission date but our idea felt too neat to leave unfinished.

Original art and concept planning by @aug.mental

Programming by lakewitch

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